McMinnville School District

McMinnville, OR

Completed 2019


31,000 sq ft

Staff on project
Jim Fitzpatrick
Rebecca Stuecker
Steve Winkle


McMinnville School District passed a school construction bond in May of 2016, with more than 60% yes votes. The bond included a major renovation and addition for McMinnville High School with a focus on improving the high school facilities. IBI Group assisted in the master planning for this endeavor.

A new vocational technical center was incorporated into the main campus which is used to house a Career Pathways program that will graduate students with trade/career skills in order to position graduates for community college or trade apprenticeships and increasing student graduate success for those not on the four-year college track. The cafeteria was expanded to accommodate more students during the lunch periods. Additional instructional classrooms, science rooms, and art rooms were added. An expansion and modernization of the indoor athletic facilities provided a much-needed improvement including a multi-court gym with indoor running track and adjacent auxiliary gym. Upgrade of the existing stadium locker area was included as well as a new sports field house that was used as the school’s practice gymnasium during the construction period.

Renovations of the existing building consisted of the creation of a library centrally located within the school, improvements to the performing arts spaces, a new drama classroom, a video production lab, and consolidation of the administration offices. Light renovations including paint and finishes were made throughout the remaining spaces to create a fully improved high school building.

Great efforts were made to accommodate students and staff as the construction occurred through the course of an entire school year.

Project utilized the CM/GC project delivery method. IBI has worked closely with the District and LCG Pence Construction to develop an integrated approach to design and construction, leading to well managed schedule, budget, constructability, and project phasing.

Facility Assessments
Capacity Analysis
Educational Adequacy Analysis
Long-Range Facility Planning
Community Visioning Outreach
District Master Planning and Pre-Bond Planning
Educational Specifications
Seismic Upgrades
Architecture and Interior Design
Outdoor Learning Environment Design
Construction Administration