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Brent Johnston

“Providing well-designed educational spaces to promote inclusivity to all styles of teachers, students, and staff is not only a privilege, but is a necessity to allow our users the greatest form of self-achievement and efficiency. In doing so we are one step closer to building the cities of tomorrow.”

Originally set on becoming a physical therapist with the goal to improve the quality of life for his patients, Brent’s extracurricular passions opened his eyes to the benefit art and design could have on a wider range of individuals. Transitioning from physical therapy to interior design, Brent saw the greater connection in which well-designed interiors could elevate user experience, provide modern solutions in a variety of building envelopes, follow sustainable practices, and harness natural elements to enrich interior spaces. It was during Brent’s final year in undergraduate studies that his passion for educational design was discovered, presenting his thesis on “Underrepresented Minority groups in STEM education”.