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Marta Lilly

Interior Designer

“Thoughtful school design supports learning, and working with each school community allows us to bring learning opportunities
to every corner.”

Marta became interested in educational design during the years she spent teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten, and always draws from those experiences, which centered on a Reggio Emilia philosophy and provide her with a valuable perspective. Her work with our firm has focused on the user experience, fully comprehending the range of users that a good design accommodates. Materials, textures, color, scale, and furniture choices all need be particularly calibrated for such a range of users. While pursuing a Masters in Interior Design at University of Oregon, she presented on the relationship between curriculum and classroom furniture, and her thesis involved extensive research on Open Plan Schools, Storefront Schools, and Alternative Education.

Selected Projects

Oak Creek Elementary
Templeton Elementary School
Willamette Primary School
Athey Creek Middle School
Twality Middle School